Scholarship Opportunities


The Southeast Desalting Association (SEDA) annually awards scholarships to eligible, undergraduate and graduate students pursuing a degree relating to the drinking water and wastewater treatment industries.  The scholarship provides reimbursement of tuition, books, and fees through the College/University Financial Aid Department and is generally disbursed to the school in the fall of the year the scholarship is awarded.  Students may be considered eligible if they apply, the award criteria are met, and the scoring of the student(s) overall application merits the award of a scholarship.

Award Amount: $2,500


  1. Applicant must be an upper-level undergraduate (over 65 credit hours) or graduate student enrolled in an accredited institution located within SEDA’s region (North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia,
    Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Florida, Kentucky) and currently majoring in an area related to the drinking water or wastewater industries.
  2. Applicants must have a minimum 2.5-grade point average based on a 4.0 system.
  3. Previous scholarship recipients are not eligible.

Application Process

  1. Complete the attached application form.
  2. Enclose official college transcript(s) for undergraduate courses (as applicable).
  3. Enclose two letters of recommendation.
  4. Enclose a cover letter (no more than two pages) describing your interest in the SEDA scholarship and why you are the ideal candidate.
  5. Mail to SEDA  Administrator at 354 NW Alice Ave, Stuart, FL 34994 or Email to [email protected].

Selection Process

  1. The evaluation will be made on the basis of academic performance, work experience, community and civic activities, honors, career goals, letters of recommendation, and evidence of leadership, motivation, character, and self-reliance.
  2. At the option of the Scholarship and Awards Committee, the top five candidates may be telephone interviewed by a member of the scholarship committee.
  3. Scholarship recipients will be selected by the Scholarship and Awards Committee and the Board of Directors of SEDA.


Deadline for Submission:  Applications must be submitted no later than midnight April 30th.

Final Selection: Committee will make the final selection of scholarship awardees and will be announced on June 4th.  

SEDA Scholarship Application